N8n to design Google Cloud worklows?

Dear all,

Hope you are fine.

I am just begining to play with n8n. It’s very nice tool.

I have many data store in Google Workplace and was wondering to use Google Cloud.

  1. Is it possible to design Google Cloud Workflows with n8n?
  2. Or is is possible to export n8n workflows in Python (or another language) and then run it with Google Cloud once it is completely designed?

I hope these questions make sense or else… let me know what better approach I have to consider.



Hey @enzopolo, welcome to the community!

n8n connects to many Google Cloud services, you can check out the full list here.

It is, however, not a design tool for Google Cloud Workflows. n8n Workflows can be exported to JSON but I’d be very surprised if they can be imported as a Google Cloud Workflow.

A docker image of n8n is available though, so you could technically run n8n itself using Google Cloud (though I have not tried this myself).