N8n v 0.142.0 Disk Operations goes to 100% if I search past workflow executions

Hi All,

I am finding if I want to look at past workflow executions, while searching through the list n8n slows down and times out. My disc has plenty of space and I think there are about 1000 workflow executions, so not that many I used to have over 60,000 and it worked snappy fast on version 0.130.0.

I have n8n hosted on vultr.

Do I just need to update or is there something else going on please?

Thank you


Hey @paul2000,

It wouldn’t hurt to update, what database are you using as well?

10000 doesn’t sound like a lot of records but depending on what the workflows are doing that could still be a lot of data to query.

Have you taken a look though the release notes between the versions to see if anything jumps out?

Hi @jon,

Thanks for your reply, the database is SQL light.

I have had a look at the release notes but not really seeing anything right now.