N8n workflows slowing my Thrivecart?

Hello, community.

I’ve been working very successfully with n8n and Thrivecart building crazy thinks and automations I’d never thought be possible.

I have about 4 nodes processing all my TC Webhooks, with a bunch of IF nodes and a lot of crazy stuff on it… and I feel the response time from Thirevecart is getting slow everytime I add more stuff to n8n.

Is it possible than Thrhivecart has to wait to all the workflows and nodes to process a purchase?

Thank you so much!

Hey @Aleix_Iglesias!

You have mentioned the response time from Thirevecart. Did you mean response time from n8n? Can you also let us know what is the size of the incoming data? Based on the size of the incoming data we take a different approach :slight_smile: