Need a little help to complete the code node


How do I reverse it?

I have 1 (at the input) and I need to convert it to 2 (get an array).
I started to do, but since I don’t know javascript I don’t understand how to write it correctly. Please help me finish it.

Thank you very much!

Please share the workflow

@BramKn Could you please help me with this?


I like helping people on the forum. But please do not tag me on a new question, especially not when the topic was just created.
This comes across as very impatient and causes me not to answer the question anytime soon.

If you want me to answer your questions, you can of course hire me to do so. :wink:

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Yes, I understand, I’m sorry - it’s my fault.
How much do you want for helping me in this case?

  e => e.json.Images = {
    Image: e.json.ImageUrls
      ?.split(" | ")
      .map( i => ({ url: i }) )

return $input.all();
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