Need help, consultant wanted - Airtable to local execution of commands.

Hello all,

I am looking for someone to help me write the following script. I want to edit video and audio on mac controlled via airtable using ffmpeg. My knowledge of n8n and scripting (25 years ago) is not that high, so I need help. My head is also smoking right now because I’m getting into the NoCode community and there’s no energy left at the moment. I am doing the familiarization with the ffmpeg commands. I am concerned with the controls and workflow.

The task:

In Airtable I manage videos (they are then automatically posted via Socialbee,Youtube), they are uploaded via Dropbox. I want to trigger an action via a switch that controls local video editing via batch. The variables are all held in airtable.

So the instance of n8n on the local system should be controlled via webhook from Airtable.

On the local system ffmpeg should be controlled by a command. For this the different variables have to be evaluated before, e.g. to output the original video in different resolutions in parallel or to include overlays etc… Here possibly a small loop.

After processing all the videos (per row in Airtable) the results should be uploaded to Dropbox and Airtable and a few switches should be set in Airtable.

If someone is interested write me here. I will contact you then.


Hi Holger, we can help :slight_smile:

Send me an email to [email protected] Cheers!