Need help with batch

i have a case that i get an array of jsons in test, i run a function to parse them:

and i get from it an array of jsons nested in the item[0].
it looks like this:

i would like to batch on the array, but the batch gets the whole array as iteration 1 and finishes.

and i can’t make the ‘items’ array be the array itself (something I’m missing in how n8n builds its items)
looked at Introduction | Docs
is there a fast way to get a json array as text and parse it and iterate over it with batch?

Sorry, not sure if I understand you correctly. But it sounds like you have an array in item 0 and you want to have each element of the array in an own item instead?

If that is the case you can do something like that:

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nice, it worked, my problem was the JSON i returned, and the fact that it was not in


Yes, it is very important the data has always a json-property and that it is always an object as described here:

Everything in n8n is built around that.

Glad to hear that it works now. Have fun!