Need instructions on how to upgrade to a new version of docker compose

Hi. At the moment I am using the old version of docker-compose 1.29.2, because I installed n8n according to the old instructions from the wiki. As far as I know, this version will not be supported soon. Can someone share instructions for a painless transition to the new version of docker compose without losing all data, please? OC Ubuntu 20.04

Hey @Danilov_Vovka,

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In theory if you are using a storage volume or local path you won’t need to worry just create a new compose file using the same options and you will be good to go.

@Jon , Theoretically, I understand, but I do not know how to do it all. Can you write in detail the order of commands for switching to the new version of docker compose ?

Hey @Danilov_Vovka,

I don’t have a set of commands for that, You would need to follow Dockers documentation and update your compose file as needed or just copy the current compose file we have in our docs and replace the settings with what you have now.

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