Need $items in expressions [GOT CREATED]

Right now if I need to access a particular item from a node execution list, I’ll have to include a function node that adds the required attribute by accessing $items and then use the set attribute.

It would be helpful to have $items directly in expressions so that I can call $items(0).node[‘MyUpstreamNode’].data

An example use case is using the authentication code token fetched in one web request with each of the web requests from the list. Right now only the first one passes and everything else fails.

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Yes, totally agree! Wanted to do that for a while. Will try to add it asap.

Ok got implemented and will be released with the next version.

The syntax is identical to the one in the Function-Node and so a little bit different to your example above.



Yup. That’s perfect.

Ok, got released with [email protected]

That’s awesome. Thank you for the quick turn around time.

No problem! Have fun!

Hi @jan, the Docs: is not exists now?

Our documentation got changed and extended a lot since then. It should automatically redirect but does not seem to work for some reason. Here is directly the new link: