Need to apply IF condition

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I want to apply a If condition like
If set of data is invalid expression, it will give null else it will show the value.

{{ $if(('IF1').item.json["dataValue"] == Invalid expression), null, ('IF1').item.json["dataValue"] }}

But this give me null everytime.

2nd Question, I want to pass this value to subworkflow.

{{ $if($('S') != null, $('S')"=").pop(), $('S').item.json.klaviyoData) }}

But not consuming

What is the error message (if any)?

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Hi @Gouravdev,
you can try to use the conditional ternary operator like:
{{ $('Code') ? $('Code') : 'default' }}

To pass this value to subworkflow you don’t need any special syntax, you just need to plug the Execute Workflow node and this will pass all the incoming data items to the sub workflow.

Check this demo workflow:

Let me know if this helps or you need more support
All the best

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