Need to send the response obtained from an External API to the jotform trigger and conditionally move to next form

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I am having a jotform trigger. I am listening to the submission and then collecting the form data destructuring it and sending a post request to an external api. Now i want a new form to be shown when the response is 200 from the API else show a error page if we get any other error code.

Hey @Anoop_Kiran_Angadi_M, welcome to the community!

So you want to either show a new form or an error page after receiving a Jotform submission based on a previous Jotform submission?

What happens after a Jotform submission is controlled entirely by Jotform, so I can’t think of a way to implement this with n8n I am afraid. You could implement a workaround though and for example send the user submitting your form an email depending on the outcome of your workflow.

Thanks @MutedJam for the reply.
Well i was looking for the other use case here. I want integrate a form into my application and wanted a automated flow to handle the multiple step form submission where each submission would be calling an External API. Is there a way where i can implement a webhook which then triggere’s a custom form and its submission leaving jotform out of our picture?