New at n8n - Understanding SET better.. please help

Hi i try around to understand the flow and each item better.
I start with a openweathermap flow and want to make a new set out of the output. In preview the values are displayed, but after execution only some data is available.
Has anybody a hint:

Hey @Schebi,

Welcome to the community :cake:

What data is missing? I am waiting for my API key to activate so I can’t test it at the moment. I did notice in the Set node you had the Sunrise Name set to an expression and not the value so it could be worth tweaking that.

Oh dear, i have review it and u sure. Its now there, i miss to change the variable names. Now its fine.

Thx and cheers

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Hi i have managed it to get a result as an email.

But… why i get 2 emails. I dont understand… any hints on this?
Just learning and try to understandig this things.