New community node: Iterator

Hi there,

Another day, another node.
This time a node that makes it easier to use the HTTP node to Iterate through pages of an API.
It’s always a bit of a hassle with code to do this correctly. It’s easy to make tiny mistakes that aren’t easy to spot.

Have fun with it, please let me know if there is any issues.

edit: bug fixed in version .1.1


Hi there,

Had an issue with a question reported on Github, and noticed a bug on that.
Since then I had the need for the Iterator and of course, happen to hit the same bug. So I fixed it + added the new features I had listed to do one day.

  1. iteration number is now saved in the context.
  2. max iterations is now added as an option.
  3. expected item count now also works with the reference next iteration type.
  4. the “is there another page” option now does not check this boolean at the first iteration. Making it easier to use this to iterate and setting the value with an expression.

Hope this helps the users out.
New version is 0.1.2, please update if you are having issues or need one of the above features.


Please check working with new version from 1.1 iterator not ignore errors

[ERROR: no data, execute “NODENAME” node first]

Hi @lightcom

You should really give some more information.
I have it running in multiple instances also in v1+ and there has been no error so far.
There is however a bug in it that can cause an error if a certain value isnt set please check the github issues to see if this helps.


You are doing gods work. Thank you!