New Google Sheets Node vs Old node. Use Header Names as JSON Paths

Hello, perhaps this was a downgrade in the Google Sheets node features? or just a bug (hoping its a bug)

I came across the new google sheets module, but couldn’t find the Use Header Names as JSON path that used to exist before. Found an old flow with the previous module and still works, but perhaps add the feature to the new node?

New Google Sheets does not have the option and will not map JSON paths.


The old module had this feature and was great!


Am I missing something?


Cloud Version 0.215.2

Hi @pradilla, I suspect this was done intentionally, the Google Sheets node has been simplified quite a bit. I’m sorry if this causes any trouble :frowning:

I’ll convert your question into a feature request so you can vote on getting this back. Until then you can simply keep using the old node by copying it over into your newer workflows.

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