New Merge-Nodes Logic - not working for me like the old one did

On the latest 0.209.2 n8n version, maybe even earlier n8n has updated the Merge nodes.
I have many difficulties to get the updated Merge nodes working for me.

I have 3 examples here, which, in my understanding, should give the same results, but the new Merge-Nodes are not getting results for me at all, so I just copy the old ones and use them.

I have 2 datasources which are giving me a list of IDs. One from a webshop and one from external product database.

I made one screenshot of the old Merge-Node and then one screenshot of the new merge node.

Example 1 - Checking for sold products to remove them

Example 2 - Checking for new products to add them

Example 3 - Checking for already existing products to update them

Am I missing something here?
Can anyone explain how I get this new Merge settings working like the old Merge Nodes?

Hi @prononext, I am sorry to hear you’re having trouble. Your examples are looking fine to me. I just gave the first one (“Remove Key Matches”) a go on my end and both are producing the same result in the below workflow:

So perhaps you can share an example workflow using which your problems can be reproduced?

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