Newbie need help with automation setup

I need help with setting up an automation that will ensure that information flows smoothly in both directions between Dolibarr ERP system, and Shopware e-commerce software

Hey @Stephen_Sales,

There are different ways to do this. The first thing you would want to look at are the integrations (nodes) for the services you want to use, in your case Dolibarr ERP and Shopware. If the nodes are not available, you can either create them, or use the HTTP Request node.

Since you want to do a two-way sync, one thing you always want to do is check if the data already exists in the system or not. If it doesn’t, only then we insert the data. You can also do a similar check for updated data.


Thanks so much

Hello, can i use webhook for the integration of shopbase and dolibarr.

Hey, if these services support Webhook, you can use it for your automation.

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