Newbie Question: Where I can see the console.log() in Desktop App?

Again a maybe crazy simple question from a newbie in n8n.


I’m building my first JS-Code in function node.
in the default-script there is the console.log() line.

But I can’t find the console.log()-output or make them visible somewhere in Desktop App.
Thanks to @MutedJam 's help (where can i see the log ) I know the solution to output ALL the debug-stuff of the n8n System.

This is working!
BUT this output is overwhelming and with cannons shot at sparrows for my need.

In functionItem i found the console.log() will output in browser console. So I guess this documentation is for the Browser-Version n8n Cloud.

I assume there will be also some solution/work around in the Desktop-Version (in my case: mac os). But not easy to find for newbie or maybe I’m only blind :blush:


  • Does anybody know, how I can activate the console in the Desktop App?
    (Would be great to have something like in the browser like a second window with the output or a part below the default editor-area to see the stuff…)

  • OR - Does naybody know a way to see the console.log() data in a other easy way in Desktop App? (Workaround)

Hi @mad99, when the desktop app is running, you can simply head to http://localhost:5679/ in your browser and use n8n in there. You’ll then be able to open the browser console and read the output of your console.log statements.

The required username/password can be seen using the View credentials option in the Auth menu (or in the n8n-desktop.env file from the post you have linked):


Hi @MutedJam,
ROCKS!!! again :hugs:.

And I can work also at the local n8n-system in the Browser with n8n-Browser-Editor.
After «save» it is usable also in the n8n-App.
Perfect dev-situation!

Thank you for fast help
Now I can code and figureout a lot faster.


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Hehe, I am glad to hear this helped :smiley:

Have fun and please do reach out if you have any further queries.