Newbie wants to connect shopware to dolibarr

I need help with setting up an automation that will ensure that information flows smoothly in both directions between Dolibarr ERP system, and Shopware e-commerce software. Can i use webhooks to connect them together on N8N.

If so, I will i go about it?

Hi @Stephen_Sales, from taking a quick look at APIs and Hooks in Dolibarr it seems they do let you run custom code whenever certain actions occur. I have not used this tool before, but perhaps you can find an example snippet sending a webhook on the internet?

Shopware also supports webhooks: Webhook | Shopware Documentation

On the n8n side of things you’d add a webhook node to your workflow which would would provide you with a URL and and HTTP method to use in Shopware and Dolibarr. Your n8n workflow would then start whenever a trigger action occurs in these systems. You can then process the data it receives as needed and send them to external systems using the existing n8n nodes (including the HTTP Request node in case you want to send data to a tool for which no pre-built node exists).

Hello, Shopware and dolibaarr nodes are not presently on N8N. Can i give you my login detatils so you can help me with connecting them so i can setup the automation?

Hello, My name is Cynthia stephen

I have these clients who I help with designing an e-commerce store on shopware. Now she wants to use dolibarr as her CRM for marketing purposes and she wants me to help her integrate both platforms with N8N.

And I don’t know how to go about it. Please I need help

Hi @Stephen_Sales,

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