Newcomer question: is this workflow even possible?

I envision the following workflow, but before I start building it (I’m discovering the tool at the same time), I would like to know if this is even possible?

In notion:

  1. I create a new page within an inline database A. This page has
  • a name (the title of the page)
  • and a complex body of content (multiple blocks, images, links, quotes etc)
  1. I have another inline database B, with >200 email address from members of my community

→ What I would like to achieve:

Each time I add a new page (row) in the database A

  1. From my Gmail, send an email with name of page as subject of email and body of content as body of email to all email addresses from database B
  2. In my FB group (I’m admin), post a new Post, with the body of content as content
  3. In MS Teams (work), post a new post in a channel, with the body of content as content

Context: I’m new to automation, I love the idea of open-source automation. I’m very eager to learn (there is a lot of benefit for my work)

If you could just tell me if this is even possible, it would be great. Also if you have general advices (like “don’t work with notion for database2”), I’m happy to learn.
Thanks :slight_smile:

no one ? :slight_smile:

Hi @y_b, welcome to the community!

1 (sending a message via Gmail) and 3 (posting to MS Teams) should be possible.

I am not 100% sure about the FB post though. n8n provides a node letting you interact with the Graph API, so as long as there is a suitable Facebook API endpoint this should also work. It would require a bit of discovery work on your end though.


Just to be sure: you can take/get the content (all blocks) of notion page that is in a database? I’m asking because I’ve been trying for some hours now :sweat_smile:

thank you so much for responding, tagging my post properly, and letting me know what is possible :+1:
I know there are a lot for me to learn, but I’m happy to.