Nifty Integration

I’m not sure if this is a place for requesting integrations. In case it is, then I suggest adding Nifty ( is a project management tool that is popular among small business community. It has thorough API and itegrates with several tools (Zapier, Pabbly Connect, …)
Just like any project management tool, Nifty allows creating projects and tasks, setting its attributes, assigning, and others. It’s all doable from the APIs

The idea is:

Allow controlling Nifty from N8n.

My use case:

Creating tasks upon filling forms (e.g. support requests) and assigning it to the designated team member, based on form input

I think it would be beneficial to add this because:

It will open up a lot of possibilities by integrating a popular PM tool

Any resources to support this?

API docs:

Are you willing to work on this?

I’m willing to help with features design and testing, not development