No Data included in Webshook

Hi there,
we are using N8n for different issues, recently ive created a workflow to delete leads from a mailinglist.

For this purpose we have implemented the webhook URL , the list-ID and the user-ID into our Newsletter.

The Webhook picks the data sends a “delete” event to the Nl-Database and forwards the user to a success-page.
In 8 out of 10 examples it works like a charm, but i’ve recognized that the webhook-URL is also called sometimes with insufficient data.
usually The URL contains the webhook, the

user-ID (dynamic) ,
the list-id(fixed) and the
UTM parameters (dynamic)

in the special szennario only the list-id is provided.

My question is:

  • is this due to some browser-Extensions - if yes, how can we avoid this
    Or is this link maybe called from a different environment ( web-version/ shared newsletter / whatsoever) and can be ignored?

(ive reproduced it and if i forward the newslettter, all the dynamic parameters will be removed and it looks like that everything is ok . however, would be happy about your feedback.

Hey @elbrucko,

n8n is only going to process the data it is being sent so if someone or something is changing the link / removing data it is out of our control and there may not be anything you can do about this. I am not really sure what to suggest on this one, Where is the user-id and utm coming from in the sent email originally and if you inspect the email source after forwarding has it clearly been removed?

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