No expression brackets {{ }} when inserting an expression between two others

If you have several expressions on a line, you can add new ones. And it goes ok when you add a new one to the left or to the right:

But if you want to add an expression between two others, it comes as a text, without {{ }}:

Hey @artildo,

I might be missing something there but an expression is anything between {{ }} in your second screenshot it is just text so I would expect to see what you have there.

@artildo to clarify, did you click to add $json["data"]["is_editable"] and it was auto-inserted without the {{ }}? I was able to reproduce your problem by doing exactly this so I suspect that it’s a bug.

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I added it via the left panel. So by default it must have {{ }}. But only in this case they are missing

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@maxT Yes. Being between two expressions, I tried to add a new one via the left panel. And it came without {{ }}, as a plain text


Thanks for confirming @artildo . I will go ahead and create a bug ticket for this so we can fix it in a future version. Meanwhile, manually prepending the {{ and appending the }} should work if this crops up while you’re flowgrammin’



@maxT Thank you. I’m ok, the only problem is that I creating a course and have to explain this issue.

Ah gotcha. So I just checked and looks like the bug is not present when editing the expression inline

So perhaps you could show this step in the node details view; and not in the expanded expression editor? Not sure if you were aware but you can expand the width of your Parameters panel (middle panel) by dragging on either edge of it. Hope that helps!

@maxT Not sure if I can reproduce that. When dragging on the inline field, I can drop it only in the end.
Then I have to cut and paste the expression manually.
So I can’t check out the bug for I can’t insert a value in between, only to the right end.

:see_no_evil: you’re totally right! I did this quickly and only now realized that it did append my 3rd variable to end.
In any case, I have created the bug ticket so hopefully this edgecase does get fixed soon. To manage expectations, I could see this bug taking a bit longer to get prioritised given it’s not critical (i.e. workaround is relatively simple, doesn’t crash anything etc.).


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