No presents anymore?

being on 0.204 I wonder where the present symbol has gone that informed me via gui about an update being available?

Was just made ware that 0.206 is ready … but no present symbol.


Hi @daniello, these notifications aren’t always published immediately, and sometimes we even want to remove it again depending on what kind of bugs are reported following a release. That said, if you’re on 0.204 you should at least see the 0.205 release and soon enough also the 0.206 one:

Hope this clarifies!

Thanks … didn’t see anything about an update in the GUI … just to mention. I am now on 206 and will observe. Best, daniello


I went to look for some indication about an available update. I do expect one to be available but I see nothing.

My info box shows that I am on: 0.206.1

Is there something wrong on my side?


Hi @daniello, I’ve just started an [email protected] instance using docker run -it --rm --name n8n -p 5678:5678 n8nio/n8n:0.206.1. As soon as I create my first workflow, the available update info shows up:

Update notification:

Version information:

Available updates sidebar:

So this is most likely a setting on your side. The N8N_VERSION_NOTIFICATIONS_ENABLED=false environment variable would prevent this notification from showing up for example. Ad blockers might also cause this behaviour if they interfere with traffic to* (which would return the available versions):

Hmm … here’s my complete screen. I see exactly this when I load n8n:

Do you get the upgrade notification on your canvas (after clicking Add Workflow)? If not, how are you running n8n?

Indeed … if I use “add workflow” I see …

It appears at the bottom of the marginal column.
Nice … but I’d like to always see it.

… meaning … why doesn’t the parcel show up on the main page?

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