[Node Creation] How can I get previous properties in loadOptionsMethod

Hi, it’s me again :wave:

I’m working on my node and I have this situation :
I’m loading a kanban system. So I have some boards, and in this board, I have several categories.
I use loadOptionsMethod to load my boards and my categories.
With my first input, I get the id of selected board and I need this id to load categories in the next loadOptionMethod.
Is there a way to get previous parameters on loadMethod ? :slight_smile:

Sorry, there is currently sadly no way to do that because the API endpoint which does the actual request does not have that data available. I can try to have a look to make that possible. Sadly do not know when exactly I will get to it.

Ok, I can start to work on it this weekend.
I’ll send merge request when it’s finished :slight_smile:

That sounds great. Thanks a lot. Looking forward to it!