Node-dev: IExecuteFunctions differ on node-starter and core

I am playing around with my first own n8n node. For this I followed the n8n-nodes-starter readme (GitHub - n8n-io/n8n-nodes-starter: Example starter module for custom n8n nodes.) and installed n8n globally ([email protected]).

Since I need some connection to an airtable I copied some code from their official node. But sadly the compiler does not like one specific call in this statement:

return [ this.helpers.constructExecutionMetaData(this.helpers.returnJsonArray(returnData), { itemData: { item: 0 }, }), ];

He is unable to find the method constructExecutionMetaData(). The “this” object is of type IExecuteFunctions. When I look this up in my local project files (see Interfaces.d.ts) there is indeed this method missing. But in n8n/Interfaces.ts at master · n8n-io/n8n · GitHub the missed method is listed for the helper of the same interface.

Is there anything I can do to fix this? Thanks in advance!

Perhaps our resident node builder @marcus can help with this node development question?

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Hi @dkrueger,
it seems the dependencies in our node-starter-repo weren’t updated recently. Until we do that could you manually update the following dependencies in your package.json?

"n8n-core": "^0.142.0",
"n8n-workflow": "^0.124.0",

Once you run npm install again you should have access to the method constructExecutionMetaData.


Thanks a lot! That helped :star_struck:

We just updated our n8n-nodes-starter project and unpinned the versions for n8n-core and n8n-workflow to always use the latest version like this.

"n8n-core": "*",
"n8n-workflow": "*",

@dkrueger You can keep it like it is or change it, the info is just for everyone else who might look at this.

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