Node Documentation

It would be very helpful if the documentation showed for each node all available options. For example, the SplitInBatches node documentation makes no mention of the noItemsLeft value.

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That would be quite useful, I have not seen any mention of the “meta info” fields of nodes in the docu anywhere. (which does not mean that it’s not there, I’ve just not seen it for the nodes I looked into)

just looked into the SplitinBatches node, and it even already has the new “done” output documented, very cool :slightly_smiling_face:

Also for your example of “noItemLeft” value, it’s documented second to last paragraph of the documentation of the node: Split In Batches - n8n Documentation

Maybe a more table like structure where multiple of those options are documented would be nice?
Something like:

meta Info Description
noItemsLeft returns true if there are no items left in the SplitInBatches node
currentRunIndex returns the Index of the current position in the loop

But maybe that’s just a Verschlimmbesserung (disimprovement)

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