Node Executing Issue

Hi there,

I am trying to get my workflow to work after the previous version update to .199. The issue seems to be that the play button on top of nodes are not executing previous nodes before it. Is this a intentional change in this update or just a bug? Also is there a place to see the changelog for updates? --Thanks

Hi @Nostalgic, the changelog would be available at, though it doesn’t mention the change you have encountered. So, my best guess is that this isn’t intended. I’ll file this as a bug internally for @sirdavidoff to review.

Hi same issue here, click on play on a node do weird things… So I need to click on “Execute workflow” button and then stop the workflow to be able to work on the workflow like I always do…

Yeah we reverted back to the previous version till this is fixed.

Hi all, just wanted to let you know that this has been fixed with the upcoming release:

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Is there an estimated time for release of this new version on your website?



I think we were looking at releasing the new version later today or tomorrow. So, if you self-host n8n it shouldn’t be much longer before you can avail of the fix.

Cool cool thanks for the update!

Hey @Nostalgic,

Just to let you know 0.200.0 has been released which contains the fix.

@Jon does this include the desktop app or does it fall behind in updates generally?

Hi @Nostalgic

Yes, usually a few versions behind. As this is an extra process the n8n team has to go through to release these.
I don’t think there is a public release schema for these, so don’t know when the next one will be out.


Bram is right, So Desktop we update when we are able to at the moment it is on 198.2 and I think there was maybe 3 or 4 months between the releases.

If you wanted the latest version running npm is fairly painless unless you use webhooks but docker on something like digital ocean works well or our own cloud offering.