Node - Oauth2 API

Would it be possible to have a generic Oauth2 API that could be used for services that require it ?

(Examples include HealthMate, Todoist, etc)

Yes, I am sure it is possible, not sure how much work it would be though. I would have to look more into it. I was happy that I did not have until now as I do not have much experience with OAuth2. But agree that it would probably be important soon.

Oauth2 is usually not too complicated to implement, at least on the client side! :stuck_out_tongue:

With the proper base of authentication, a lot of new nodes could be added to the library quickly (Google APIs, Fitbit, MailChimp, Laravel based devs, Spotify, Discord, Vimeo, Mastodon, StackExchange and so much more).

Can’t wait to see n8n get to the next level, you rock @jan!

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Ah yes, I guess there are now enough libraries around which help with that. I just remember that I tried to implement it once server-side and that there seemed to be multiple ways to authenticate via Oauth2 and so would also have to support all of them client-side.

Thanks a lot! I also!

What is the current status of Oauth2 implementation? I think it would be a widely used extension useful for many future nodes out there

Sadly nothing new. Everything is simply still to crazy that I did not have time yet to look into it.