Node Selection seems incomplete

Should we be able to select all of the nodes to move them?

Here I am demonstrating what I am talking about:
(Notice not all of the nodes get selected to move)

Is this expected behavior?



Welcome to the community @nicpenning!

Yes and no. It is expected as there is currently a bug with selecting nodes in combination with using a zoom level differently than 1.

For now you should better use the keyboard doing that. So for example select a node and press “shift + right arrow” or “shift + left arrow” to select the nodes on either side of the tree. Or use “ctrl + a” to select all nodes and to deselect some specific ones keep the “strg” key pressed and click on the ones you want to deselect.

Thanks for the welcome, Jan!

That makes sense on the zoom level since it seems to work very well when you are at that level 1.

I can use the keyboard to manage large work flows no problem now. The Shift-Right arrow and then using the ctrl to get any stragglers that are not connected will be efficient enough.

Great tool and excited to continue exploring the capabilities!

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