Node separated from flow

I noticed that in the last update changed many things regarding the node. One of them is the node separated from the flow. I used to use a customer data assembly node that changed in all flows. Is this still possible? Another thing I noticed is that the if condition inside the node “||” is not working. I have a flow that uses this if for 3 incoming flows, when one doesn’t execute it takes the data from the others. Could you add this again for us to use? I think a lot of people used this.


Hi @Igor_Alfarth, I’ve translated your post into English to allow everyone to read it. It’d be great if you could post in English going forward.

Recent n8n versions would indeed require nodes to be connected for them to reference each other. So you’d need to move your Set node at the start of your workflow for later nodes to read from it.

As for your error it seems you are trying to read data from a node that didn’t execute. Since you didn’t share your actual workflow I can’t confirm what exactly you’d need to do here, but it might be that you simply need to introduce Merge nodes to bring different branches together (and then have your expression simply read the field from the last Merge node, rather than other nodes).

Hope this helps!

In this question, I would need that even if the node is not executed I can put data from another node to go in its place with the parameter “||” so that it ignored the empty node and added the node that has data to not give an error.

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