NodeJS capability on code node

It would help if there was a node for:

Write TypeScript code where I could import another libraries like pipedream NodeJS step.

My use case:

I’ll create a complex workflow of credit analisys. The code write in JavaScript is sensitive by anatomy of the language. The capability of import another public libs is a great think and make easy the development process too.

Any resources to support this?

Writing Node.js in Steps (

Are you willing to work on this?

Yes. On free hours.

Welcome to the community @Renatto_Machado!

Can you clarify what that feature request is about? Is it about being able to write TypeScript in the Code-Node or about being able to import other npm libraries?

Hello @jan !
This is about both.
Is it better to open two feature requests?

Is always a good idea to have separate requests that people can upvote exactly what they want to upvote and that we can also close it once it got implemented (chance is much lower that two things get implemented and released at the same time).

In this case is the second one already possible. Meaning you are already able to import and use any npm library you want. But two things are important:

  1. The npm library has to be installed (because n8n does not auto-install them when required)
  2. Access to the library has to be enabled (is disabled by default for security reasons)

For 1. it is best to create a custom n8n docker image.
For 2. you can find more information here