Nodes on .io !== .cloud?

Hey there, I am trying to use the brandfetch node on the hosted version but get informed it doesn’t exist there. Any idea how to get it going?

Hey @frankis! Perhaps you aren’t running the latest version of n8n? The Brandfetch node became available with [email protected].

Thanks for letting me know. Just too bad I can’t bump up the version on the hosted trial.

Ah yes, you can. That is actually one of the advantages of the hosted version that you can do that with the push of a button

After logging in you just have to click on the cog-icon in the top right of your instance.

You then get to the “Instance settings” page where you can select the n8n version to use.

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Wow, Hosted Instance users can switch between any n8n versions?

At the moment we only allow to switch between the version the account is already using and the latest ones. Because downgrading could cause potentially problems like nodes not being available anymore or reintroducing bugs.


Okay. Got it