Non-UTF props from other node are broken

When I refer to non-UTF properties, no square brackets are put. And once I change node in the left panel, I get an error:

Have to fix it manually:

I guess it worked earlier, with no matter what symbols in dot notation.

Hey @artildo,

I think this was reported before, what version are you running?

@Jon, mine is 0.225.2

Hey @artildo,

I have had a bit of a play and everything seemed to be ok until I tried to drag the item from the Schema or Table view to the text field, Using the expression selector seems to work ok and so does the JSON view.

Are you able to confirm that this is what you are doing as the report is very light on what you are actually doing to reproduce the issue.

@Jon I do experience this issue in some complex workflows. But can’t see a general rule, for I played with some simple workflow. When I dragged there a prop, it was in square brackets and was fine.

But there is still something strange in this example. If I refer to a non-UTF prop, it is not updated on change.

You can check it. The workflow returns a name. But if you alter the prop name, adding some chars (UTF or non-UTF), it will not be updated in the final node.

Hey @artildo,

Perfect it sounds like it might be from dragging the node data and there is then one other issue. I don’t think $node[“xxx”] does result in the change but it could be that using the newer $(‘xxx’) will do that which we have changed to from 0.229.0 as the preferred option and it will be the default when dragging items.

I will do a quick test later today.

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