Not able to fetch path parameter for Http call

Hi. I am making a PUT http call using a variable path parameter from previous node. While making the call it show error code 422 on the other hand taking same path parameter as a constant value makes a successful http call. Below i have attached screenshot for reference

listingId is path variable.

Hey @Mustafa_Ali!

How many items does the HTTP Request node receive from the previous node? Is there a single listingId that you want to use for all the incoming items?


In all it receives 365 items from previous nodes but I am splitting it in a batch size of 15.

And you want to use a single path for these 15 incoming items, or does each item have a separate path?

Single path parameter for all the items.

In that case, you want to use the following expression{{ $item("0").$node["Webhook"].json["query"]["destinationGuestyId"] }}

Note that I have appended $item("0") before the expression that you were using earlier. This expression will use the single value for all the incoming items.

Thanks for the help. It worked.
Is there a way I can add a small delay between 2 nodes so that I don’t hit API rate limit.

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@Mustafa_Ali there is a new Wait Node that might help.

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Sorry can’t find it.

On the bottom left corner of the editor is it telling you an update is available?

Hey @Mustafa_Ali,

You will have to update your n8n instance. The Wait node was released in v0.135.0

I am facing some problems in the flow.

Case: I am trying to update hotel prices using http call for next 365 days from sheets data . I am taking the values for date and prices from spreadsheet. Used set node to set the value of date and price. Since there are 365 items in set node I am using split in batches to iterate every item separately so that I don’t hit the API limit. How should I make sure all 365 days prices have been updated because in the flow shown below only 1 day price is getting updated. On looping the output of http node to input of split in batches my flow kept running and iterated over 500+ items which is not possible.
Screenshot attached below for reference.

Hey @Mustafa_Ali,

I tested this out and I can’t reproduce the issue. When I connect the last node in my test workflow with the Split In Batches, the loop gets executed as expected. Can you please create a separate topic there, and maybe share your workflow? Please make sure that you don’t share any sensitive data :slight_smile: