Not able to generate log file using docker

I am not able to generate logs when deploying using docker & using our staging server.

Below is the docker run command i am using for running the n8n custom image.

docker run -it -d --name n8n --network=host --restart unless-stopped -e DB_TYPE=postgresdb -e DB_POSTGRESDB_DATABASE=postgres -e DB_POSTGRESDB_HOST=localhost -e DB_POSTGRESDB_PORT=5432 -e DB_POSTGRESDB_USER=postgres -e DB_POSTGRESDB_SCHEMA=n8n -e N8N_PORT=8003 -e DB_POSTGRESDB_PASSWORD=****** -e EXECUTIONS_PROCESS=main -e NODE_FUNCTION_ALLOW_EXTERNAL=joi -e N8N_LOG_LEVEL=debug -e N8N_LOG_OUTPUT=file -e N8N_LOG_FILE_LOCATION=/home/node/logs/node-logs.log -v ~/.n8n:/home/node/.n8n -v /home/software/n8n_logs:/home/node/logs n8n:latest

Interesting thing is , i am able to generate log files using my local machine using docker.

Hey @Navaneeth_P_K,

Does the docker log show anything? My first thought is maybe it doesn’t have permission to write to the folder so you could use an execute command node and do something like touch /home/node/logs/file.txt to see if it creates the file.

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