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I do have an issue with using n8n… I’m trying to create custom nodes using the documentation here…

I encountered two problems

  1. It says the custom node I’m trying to create cannot be found on NPM… So I just left it and decided to use the custom starter node

  2. while using the custom node, when I start it with n8n, I don’t see the default node in this project and I followed the instructions in the documentation by linking it locally and also going into the folder where n8n is installed to link it also but still the same issue.

Welcome to the community @geraldanosike!

If it is looking for “n8n-nodes-starter” it seems like you did not rename the package. You have to make sure to give it a custom name like “n8n-nodes-geraldanosike”. So you have to change that name in the package.json file.

So depending on where your package-code is located you can either:

  • add it then as a dependency to the package.json of the cli-module and run lerna bootstrap --hoist if you have that package in the packages/... folder
  • or do the npm link things as described in the documentation

As you seem to have problems with the second one it is probably easiest if you go the way of having everything in the packages/... folder.

Hi Jan, i followed your instructions and still got same here. I attached screenshots and here’s where the files are hosted on github.

It looks like you started a totally new “folder structure”. You have to add your new module alongside the n8n-packages for it to work. So alongside this ones: