Notes at workflow level

For documentation purpose, adding a long description on workflow would be nice (like the notes for nodes but at the workflow level).

If it could be displayed somewhere in the UI when the workflow is open that would be awesome.

AutopilotHQ has got it very nicely done, look at this: :grinning:

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Hey @fcollonval!

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This sounds like an interesting feature and it can be very useful too.

Thank you for creating the feature request.

+1 to how has done this. This would be great especially where someone more technical has configured the workflow and then left it to someone less familiar with workflows or digital tools to own/maintain later down the road. Some notes explaining are the easiest way to smooth over any worries and to minimise the chance of misconfiguration.


Would love something like this.

I propose some kind of “comment” node, that can be resized and placed freely. Would also be nice, if we could connect it to other nodes:


Love the idea to be able to anchor notes relative to a node.

Noting that down!


+1 from me.

Been looking to add notes to my flow like a sticky note.

Thought of this today. Nice to see a fitting forums post already :slight_smile: +1

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Hey @EnCz!

Make sure you give your vote!

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