Notification on Telegram when the price of an Amazon product changes

I would like to create an automation that tracks the price of an Amazon product as stated in the title and notifies me on Telegram when it changes. I want to monitor products on Thank you in advance for your assistance.

Hi @ibere
a way to accomplish what you need could be:

  1. Have a schedule trigger that runs the workflow everyday
  2. Use an HTTP Request node to retrieve the HTML page of the product you want to monitor
  3. Use the HTML node (operation: Extract HTML Content) to extract the price of the product
  4. If needed, do some parsing to the price text (remove the currency, remove the decimals…), You could do that with an Edit Fields node or a Code node.
  5. Add the price to a Google Sheet every day (using the Google Sheets node)
  6. Check if the price changed in Google Sheet
  7. Send a Telegram message (using the Telegram node)

That should do the work, let me know if you need more support
All the best


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