Notion correct expression with Cyrillic are not green?

For some reason, not every valid expression is highlighted in green. Some bug? Here I pass data from Notion to Google Calendar. Start and end are of common collor.

I check this and the effects happens if the Property is written in Cyrillic:

Hi @artildo, thank you so much for reporting this and apologies for the trouble this causes.

I was able to reproduce this and have added it to our engineering backlog for a fix.

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Hello all,

I can confirm that this is happening not only with Cyrillic, but with all diacritics (accent marks).

Hi @MutedJam is any progress there? Missing this soft green high-liting so much. And this is not about Notion but any Cyrillic property.

@artildo we have an internal ticket open which is being tracked as ADO-163 at the moment is in triage waiting for assignment.


I will bring this ticket up at next groom to hopefully prioritize it sooner. We’re actively working on some further updates to expressions, so might be able to investigate sooner.

If anyone IDs any other alphabets or character sets that are breaking highlighting, please @mention me here, cheers!


This should be fixed in 0.214.0.

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