Notion - Custom

Currently, on the Notion module, when you wish to:

  • Create a Database Page

You are unable to enter a custom Database ID (you must select from the dropdown of options). This is a challenge, as sometimes databases might have the same name, making this difficult to work with.

As with most other notion functions, is it not possible to simply allow the user to enter the Database by its ID rather than just its name?

Hey @pb84,

Have you tried inputting the id as an expression?

Hi Jon - yep; doesn’t seem to like it. As in, it works for all other notion function types (create, search, update etc.) → but not create new database page

Does it error when you try?

Hi Jon - yep essentially it only allows you to select from the dropdown options (rather than specifying the ID yourself)

Above is a screenshot

Hey @pb84,

Out of interest did you click Execute Node? It will say the value is not supported but it should still work, I have just given it a test here and it appears to be ok.

The challenge with this is that it won’t spit out the properties specific to the database, which then becomes a bit of a hassle to work with:

You are only able to do this if you use the dropdown. Essentially, if we had the ability to input the Database ID and n8n just maps it to the correct dropdown - problem solved. The thing is at the moment, the dropdown values don’t get matched to the ID when inserted

Hey @pb84,

Not sure I understand, If I use a database ID I get the key properties correclty filtered to that ID.


Is there possibly more to this? This started with not being able to use a database ID which is possible and I am not sure what the issue is now.

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Hi Jon - yep all good, thought I’d closed this

  • It’s just the error notice still remains there with the custom DatabaseID that’s all - perhaps an update for @jan (when a custom database string is entered, remove the error warning)
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