Notion & Google Calendar Sync

Hi everyone!

Did any one create a Notion - Google Sync workflow and would be so kind to share their wisdom?

thanks in advance!

Hey @Christian_Haake!

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Can you share more details on what kind of workflow you’re looking for?

Hi @harshil1712 !

Thanks a lot!

That I want to do is, pretty much a sync workflow in to different scenarios:

  1. if Meeting added to gCal add page to database with basic information included. (Date/time, title, Link)
  2. if Time Block added to gCal add page to database with information included. (Date/time, title, custom field) if note added - vice versa

Thanks a lot in advance and Greetings form the “Westcoast” of Germany!


Did you check the documentation? There we have added an example that shows how you can use the Calendly Trigger node and add information to Notion. This, however, only works if you’re using Calendly. If you want to use Google Calendar, you will have to use Polling for that.

Syncing the from Notion to Google Calendar would be simpler. For that, you can use the Notion Trigger node.