[Notion node] I can't get relation properties to show up

Hi, low / no coder here. I noticed that there’s no documentation on how to manipulate relations that comes up with the keywords that I know to search for (admittedly basically none), and the Notion node seems to handle relations differently from other properties, or at least differently enough for relation properties to not be selectable no matter what I do. I seen that other posters are able to get relation properties to pop up, so I know the feature is there, but that’s it.

So, can anyone point a low coders to the right direction?

n8n version: 0.204.0
Running n8n via: Desktop

Hi @rob_ert, welcome to the community :tada:

This is unfortunately a known limitation. I’ve added this to our product backlog following an earlier post about this, but no changes have been implemented yet.

So unfortunately you would have to connect to the Notion API directly using the HTTP Request node if you need to access such fields properly.

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Thanks, I’ll definitely look into HTTP node and keep N8N updated.

Also for those bumping into the thread through google, I was able to setup a workflow that attaches a constant relation by making the desired relation property visible to both related databases and dropping in the page ID into the relation page ID, for whatever that is worth.


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