Notion Node retrieves [empty array] from Notion Database's Properties with Relation

Hi All,

I am new to N8N.

I am working in syncing contacts from Notion Database as below to Google Contact. Eveything is working fine until I found the Notion Node to does not data from the properties with relation, from Notion Database.

Notion Database as below:

Output from the notion node as below, see relation:[empty array]

Is there any workaround or other method to get the company information listed correctly?

Hi @ahsang, welcome to the community :tada:

I am afraid there is no workaround right in the node. I’ve reported this as a problem when creating new db pages in the past, but unfortunately it’ll take a while until the Notion node is getting the next overhaul.

Until then you could potentially use the HTTP Request node to send the respective API requests directly to the Notion API but I do not have a ready-to-run example for this :frowning:

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Hi @MutedJam

Appreciate your input. Let’s hope the next release of the notion node gets the overhaul!

Thanks again and have a nice day.


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