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Hey Guys. I’am using Notion node to save data from my customers. Im my database page I have a field with ID datatype.

But from n8n Notion Node, when I create a new Database Page or when I try get Database Page, the field with ID datatype isn’t returned.

This is some bug, or need a new features!?

Thanks for this amazing tool and community.

Hi @jonathandantaschagas, I am very sorry you’re having trouble.

Just to be sure, you’re talking about this datatype, right? Are you by any chance using the “Simplify” option on your Notion node?

Afterwards, you should see the field (but might need a Set node after your Notion node to format the result the way you want it to):


Heeeey @MutedJam . That’s it, bro!

Thanks a lot! When you came to Brazil, I will pay som beers!


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