Notion Rollups Don't Return Values in N8n


I have a Notion trigger on Database Item Updated, and want to execute an action that uses a value from a Notion rollup in this Database Item.
However, the value of rollups appear as “show_original” instead of having the actual value.

Is there a way to get N8n to fill the value of the rollup instead of showing “show_original”?


  1. I don’t want to dig into the related database inside N8n to get the value of the source of the rollup, I need it readily available in the same trigger database item.
  2. other automation platforms such as Zapier and Make do return the values of the rollups and so don’t require digging to the source database to get the rollup value.

This is how the rollup appears in the output of the trigger under properties:

I noticed that it shows the type of the roll up as “array”, which is not correct.
Maybe function here which has the value “show_original” is not intended to be the value, and maybe the problem is that N8n sees the type as array and lists the array value as “[empty array]”

Hope someone has a clue about this…


I also tried to get the related database item to dig and get the values directly, but even the relation does not include the related item id and any valuable info:

Wo, I found the reason for the problem!
Turns out I didn’t add N8n as a connection on the related database.
Once I added it, values of rollups appeared.

Hope this helps someone…



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