Notion Trigger - Does not work when updating the same page of a database twice

Hello to all,

I need to send an email when a card in a Notion Kanban board changes status. The workflow works if I run it manually as you can see on the link below but the worflow is not automatically triggered by node “Notion Trigger” :

I can try to do it with other tools like Trello but I think it’s a shame to have the node of one of the best tools on the market not working well. Maybe I made a mistake too? Does anyone have an idea?

I also share the worflow.

Thanks in advance for your help,

Hi @Jean_WebexpR, I am very sorry to hear you’re running into this behaviour. This seems to be similar to the problem discussed here: Notion Trigger not working or working only on Execute Workflow - #12 by MutedJam

This is currently waiting in our bug tracker, maybe @sirdavidoff can already share an ETA for this?

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Hi @Jean_WebexpR, this issue is known to us (see @MutedJam response and the thread that he had attached) and is on our to-do list to solve.
Unfortunately, I can’t share an exact estimation, if all goes smoothly, it expect it to be done in the next couple of weeks


@Nivb_6 did you solve the problem? Thanks for your help :pray:

Hi @Jean_WebexpR, not yet, unfortunately, that’s on our board and assigned for an engineer to work on the review, but he has a big backlog on all things related to PRs, so it might take some time before we decide what to do with this.
This is not the only feedback about polling (not only related to Notion), so we might take a broader approach to solve this, yet to be decided