Now I try to connect Box with n8n

I try to connect Box the same way I connect dropbox with n8n
I read the documentation and create a developer box app.
I put everything in the box node and press ‘connect my account’.
But nothing happens.
If close the n8n OAuth2 Box account window I get the message “close without connecting”
How do I get a connection to box?

Hi @UweG, I quickly tried this on my end and the Connect my account button would open a new browser tab as expected for me. Maybe this is prevented by some pop-up blocker or similar on your end?

You could also try initiating the authentication directly from your browser by accessing n8n through the browser. By default, the URL would be http://localhost:5679/ when using n8n desktop (unless you have a custom port set). You will be asked for username and password which can be viewed in %HOMEPATH%\.n8n\n8n-desktop.env (on Windows).

Thank’s for your help.
In this case I use n8n as docker on a foreign server.
So localhost make in this case no sense.
I use safari as Webbrowser and have no installed extensions.

I am afraid, I don’t have a Mac and thus will be unable to try the authentication in Safari to see if it might block the auth page from opening.

I was using Firefox when testing this and the button was working - maybe you can try another browser?

Hello MutedJam
Your advice for a blocked window was excellent.
I changed some Popup Window blocking und got the authorization.
Thank’s a lot.
Very good community for a n8n newbie

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Awesome, glad to hear this is working! Thanks so much for confirming and happy automating :slight_smile: