Npm run start --tunnel not working locally for Github trigger


I have setup n8n locally on my machine and defined a workflow with Github trigger. When I run the server with “npm run start --tunnel” It says " The Webhook can not work on "localhost".
But it works fine when I run the server with “n8n start --tunnel”.

I am asking because i have made some changes in the source code which reflect in the browser with “npm run start --tunnel” but changes don’t show up with “n8n start --tunnel”.

Looking forward to the response. Thanks

Ah yes that can not work. Flags will not be forwarded by npm. You can simply do what the “start” script is doing (you can find that in the package.json file) and attach --tunnel to it.
Depending on which folder you are and operating system you are using it would be something like:

./packages/cli/bin/n8n start --tunnel