Number became string with SET and i don't want

Hi all,

I manipulate a liste of date and number though N8N. When I manipulate those data, as an example here, I want to round them with 2 figures after coma, they always become string in the json output. “” are added in the json.

It appends whatever I set the type in SET as string or number.

It’s an issue if I want then to add those value, or send them to airtable in a number column.

Here is an example workflow :

I’m running N8N 0.202.1.

Is there a mistake in what i’m doing ?

Hi @mcc37

You are using a function that makes it a string. “toFixed()”
put a “+” in front of it to make it a number again. (will remove decimal zeros)

So simple, shame on me :rofl:

Thanks a lot, it works perfectly.

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