O365 Outlook Integration [GOT CREATED]


Thanks for creating n8n, I’ve been playing with it for a couple of days now and really love it!

Integration for (O365) Outlook would be nice, I’d want the following features:

  • Get Folder Messages / List messages
  • Get Message
  • Create Message (draft)
  • Add Attachment to Message
  • Send Message

API docs:

As it’s pretty similar with the other Microsoft intergrations, I think I could take a look on this too if you guys are too busy.

Welcome to the community @mluhta

If you can have a look will be awesome. Let me know if you have any questions about the development process.

I started to do this and got a few operations working already (Get all emails, Get all folders etc) :slight_smile:. Should I name the node as Microsoft Outlook?

ahh that is really cool. The display name can be Microsoft Outlook. The name has to be microsoftOutlook though. Let me know if you other questions.

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This is progressing quite nicely, already got most of the functionality done. The only things missing are creating and updating messages, which should be pretty easy to implement.

Here’s what I’ve done already and what I’m still going to do:


[ ] Create Draft
[x] Create Reply
[x] Reply
[x] Reply All
[x] Delete
[x] Get
[x] Get MIME content
[x] List
[ ] Send
[x] Send Draft
[ ] Update
[x] Add Attachment
[x] Download Attachment
[x] Get Attachment
[x] List Attachments


[x] Create
[x] Delete
[x] Get
[x] List
[x] List Children
[x] List Messages
[x] Update


Wow really cool @mluhta! Looking forward!

Thanks a lot @mluhta for creating it!

Just got released with [email protected]