OAth Autorization - Google - Team & user

Hey, i recentrly upgrade to the last version of N8N, so i’m currently using the user management.
But now i’ve got issues because of the credentials
On the Google Sheet node, people of my Organization (same workspace) tried to connect via OAth but they’ve got an error
Erreur 401 : invalid_client
The OAuth client was not found.

I went on the Google Cloud platform but do not really understand where and what i should do
I went on the IAM stuff and put them as editor but it still not working
I did not find any other documentaiton about this

Does any one has an idea ?

Tahnks a lot !

Hey @Benjamin_Donteville, welcome to the community :tada:

I am sorry to hear you’re having trouble here. This error message is coming from Google and would suggest an invalid value is being used in the client ID field:

Could you double-check it matches the exact value shown in Google’s cloud console?

Hey @MutedJam

Thanks a lot ! You saved me a ton of hours !

It’s working great now :slight_smile: